February 2024


A new level of the custom slapping enchant as been added to the server


Dergons will no longer accept being bullied.

Defense mechanics have been added & updated.

In the unfortunate case of your death, Dergons can now heal if they kill a player.

(These changes are starting to align Dergons with our future visions)

January 05th 2024

News Cleanup

Posts from 2014-2022 have been removed.

Staff Changes

Max8abug has been promoted to Moderator.

Runsafe Bank

The bank will now make a enderchest noise when interacting. Rainbowdeborah has been hard at work at some new sounds integration, more will come soon.


You can now hover over an achievement in chat to see what the achievement is.

Event Engine / Runsafe Framework

New feature supports to enhance the player experience.

User Control

Temp-banning players should now be working as expected.

The bug regarding player times has been fixed.


Added a new secret into DOG.

Fixed bug with new players.

Admin ToyBox

Staff members can now create signs with color text.

Players can now be bitten.

Update the text line for locked items.

The End

A second world border has been placed just outside the first world border to ensure nobody gets out.

January 01st 2024


DrGiggler has earned Player Of The Month.

December 13th 2023


The holiday event Krimas is live! Visit the ice portal in spawn for more.

November 29th 2023

Survival Changes

The Reef has been readded to the server and is available at /reef

November 11th 2023

Staff Updates

Ratlys has been promoted to Super User.

November 6th 2023

Market Updates

The market no longer runs on Runsafe Notes.

All items have received new costs.

We are running a buyback station. Players can return their notes for diamonds.


Warpdrive: Several updates to address issues with portals and teleporting.

Dergons: Received some updates to make them more reliable. (More updates are coming )

EventEngine: Updates to the overall plugin to make things smoother and debuging possible.

ItemControl: Make shops more reliable, and fix some items so they can be sold.

November 5th 2023

Staff Updates

Willopillo has been promoted to Super User.

November 1st 2023

Staff Updates

Willopillo has earned Player Of The Month.

Max8abug has been promoted to Super User.

Zozael has been promoted to Admin.

October 31st 2023

Server Updates

Runsafe has been updated to 1.12 patch notes are on the discord

October 1st 2023

Player Of The Month

Max8abug has earned Player Of The Month.

September 28th 2023


Portals have been added for the survival worlds along with a relocation of snazzy signs and one of the buy stations.


Azuren has been readded to the survival world listings.

Azuren was created by Kruithne and is a custom end dimension. It has its secrets so make sure you bring some eye of enders and a pick.


Shop has been rebuilt.


Achievements have been added for upcoming PvE content.


Bugs has been fixed, new commands to help admins with certain issues have been added.

LUA has received new support.

September 25th 2023


DOG has gained much more power and now has the power to change the time of day for the right price in a new hidden shop in the survival spawn.


A new AI named CAT is now running the creative world and has the power to change the time of day!

Use "cat day" and "cat night" to change the time accordingly.


Both DOG and CAT have other message they can read in chat that will trigger some fun stuff but you'll have to find those out on your own. More will be added over time!

September 13th 2023

Staff Changes

TracerON has joined the ranks of the Moderators.

September 10th 2023


PvE has launched into beta! Find out more at /Pve


A new spawn has been created in the survival world built by TracerON.

Snazzy Warp has been reintroduced for survival. Featuring Survival, The Nether, and End up to 1500 blocks. (Use at your own risk)

Market in the survival spawn has been improved.


Server messages have received an update.

Runsafe notes can be purchased now with emeralds along with diamond.

The newly created End world has an end tag.

Known Bugs

Stronghold end portals will take you to the nether. To reach the end players must use a snazzy warp.

September 7th 2023

General Changes

Server messages have received an update.

The Hall of Legends now supports all Player of The Months.


The market in spawn has been refreshed with a selection of items. (Still a work in progress)

Runsafe notes are currently 10 Notes for 1 Diamond.

September 6th 2023

Survival Changes

Survival spawn has been made more livable.

A new market has been created in Survival Spawn.

Access to a Bank, and a free iron armor has been added to survival spawn.

September 1st 2023

Staff Changes

Centipede has rejoined the ranks of Moderator. See Player Ranks for current staff.